infogames Star Sling

Introducing a new concept in homebrew Vectrex Gaming.
Oldschool programming!
Having completed Logo which came in just under 16K, and Spike's Circus too, both of which use extra RAM, I thought I had been a bit spoilt. In fact I figure we've all been a bit spoilt with our "massive" 32K addressable ROM space etc., leisurely development timescales and fancy addons like Vecvox. So I thought I'd go back in time to the original conditions of those early GCE games. Therefore I present for your gaming pleasure a 4K game (same size as Berzerk, Armour Attack, etc..) produced in authentic GCE timescales. I hope this will start a new era where we produce authentic oldschool games and the awesome creations we are currently experiencing in 2006

4K Star Sling has the following features:

  • Innovative analogue controls (rarely used on Vectrex despite being standard hardware.)
  • Simultaneous 2 player action!
  • Very original navigation concept
  • Very original "shooting" concept
  • Fits in 4096 bytes! (thats the size of the text on this page!)
  • Turbo and Limited Editions have game option to increase maximum framerate from 50fps to 120 frames per second

4K Star Sling is available in the following ways:

  1. Freeware Edition. Immediate software download. You may request Star Sling FE free of charge for your own personal use. You must be able to burn your own eproms or own a vecflash since Star Sling uses analogue controls it must be played on a real vectrex. The terms of your download prohibit you from distributing the software in any form.
  2. Turbo Edition. Immediate purchase from licensed distributor; Madtronix email offers Star Sling exclusively in full Vectrex Cart form. Simply buy it cheaply from this supplier and play it on cart like any other Vectrex game.
  3. Premium Limited Edition. SOLD OUT I have produced 25 (only 20 for public sale) Boxed Premium Editions, these are the same game as above but come on cart with overlay, instructions and reproduction GCE style box. (same production quality as Logo LE.) This is available direct from me; the programmer and it the ONLY way to obtain one of my handmade GCE reproduction boxes. Once these are sold there will be no more. Ever. Update all public allocated copies now sold out. There are 4 (four) boxes appearing on ebay. Search for "vectrex star sling" for your ONLY chance to own this fine LE edition.